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Impact Acceleration For CTOs and Technical C-Suite Execs

Create the influence that you want in your role, build outstanding results in your teams, by developing confident communication, strong leadership presence and positive impact.

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Creating Impact & Influence

If you are a CTO, CIO, or CDO (or similar Technical C-Suite Exec) who wants to grow your impact as a leader then you are in the right place.

You will need the impact and influence to change minds, influence decisions and build a committed team of people who are aligned to the business goals. To do that you need first-class communication and leadership skills.

I specialise in helping you grow those skills so you are Confident & Connected, Relevant, and Positively Impactful in your role.

  • Raise your Influence & Impact as a leader with The 12-week Communication Champions Impact Accelerator™ 

  • Develop your Leadership skills with the The Leaders Launchpad™, our On-line or In-house Group programme

  • Create your Team On Fire™, our Senior Leadership Team Mastermind Programme that wraps around your growing business

  • Build Relationships & Collaboration in your team with interactive DISC workshops

  • Remove conflict & build relationships in your team, with The Conflict Is Your Friend™ programme

  • How We Help Tech Leaders Grow

    From In-house Training to Group Masterminds, we can help you grow your Leadership, Communication and Impact

    Growing Leaders

    Through a blend of training, coaching and accountability we help you to develop the confidence, communication and collaboration skills to step to the next level of leadership. To be an inspiration to your team and create productivity and motivation amongst them does not always come easy to those who have focused on their technical expertise. Our Team on Fire™ and Leaders Launchpad™ Programmes ensure you get the right balance of learning and practical application of leadership for you and other leaders in your business. We help you work on your skills and create that trusted leadership team that will help you grow the business.

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    The Communication Upgrade

    All leadership starts with good communication, but it doesn’t always come naturally.  Our Communication Champions Impact Accelerator™ is a 12-week programme that gives you the confidence to speak up and stand out, even in you are not the loudest person in the room.

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    Growing Your Team

    When your people understand what makes themselves and others tick, what motivates and how they like to communicate and do business, then we see a major shift in collaboration and performance. Our Half-Day and Full-Day DISC Behavioural Profiling Workshops are a fabulous way to start that journey and create closer teams who understand how they can massively improve their performance, together.

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    Conflict Resolution & Mediation

    Conflict costs the workplace millions every year. Upskilling your people to have better conversations, and deal with conflict positively will mean that it never gets to that awful stage of having to deal with additional sickness, lack of productivity and just plain on making everyone feel awful.

    The Conflict is your friend™ team training will give your people improved communication skills, confidence to say what needs to be said and better collaboration as a team.

    And, for when things have gone a bit awry, our 1-day workplace mediation can work with individuals who need to fix specific issues that are causing problems right now.

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    One to One Executive Coaching

    Maybe you are new to your role and want that support and critical friend that can help you to make the best start in your role, build the relationships you need to gain the trust in your people, to begin making an impact in your team.

    One to One coaching gives you a constructive, confidential and practical space to deal with the issues that you face.

    Any Executive should expect to invest in their development and often it is a part of the support package that progressive companies will offer because they know that this will improve their bottom line. 

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    Helping CTO|CIO|CDO and Tech Execs to build practical communication and impact skills so that they create better teams, have more influence with their peers, their board and their staff.  Effective leadership makes effective teams, which makes bigger and better business.

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