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Why I am uniquely positioned to help Tech Leaders

My journey into leadership coaching is one of plumbing, crumpets and chasing criminals.

My dad was a plumber, a one-man band, and somewhat of a local celeb!

He loved people but hated the paperwork, and just wanted to turn up, do the work and engage with people whose company he enjoyed.

It was Lesson 1: Relationships are everything in business, and I realised there was something to the way in which we communicate and show up and build relationships. But I loved the tech stuff too.

So, after a degree in Manufacturing Engineering & Management, I ended up working with loaves of bread and 800 wonderfully militant bakery workers who taught me even more about what it takes to motivate people (to make crumpets ;-) ). Here came Lesson 2: People won’t work for you if they don’t believe in you, respect you and believe in the cause.

And then I side swerved into a career in policing for Lesson 3: Leadership is not just a qualification, it is the product of the behaviours you display and the way you think. How you show up will ultimately decide the results you have with your team and in your career. From Bobby on the beat, to Inspector, 16 years of policing was an amazing place to grow my understanding of how people behave and what motivates them (or not). If you create a relationship with someone, even a criminal, the process of working with them becomes far smoother.

So, I naturally made the leap in 2013, after reaching the giddy heights of Inspector, and trained as a coach. Combining the skills I developed over my career and relationships in business, I worked internally with teams and leaders who needed support and then started my own business helping technical experts to grow into confident capable leaders.

And, here we are. Over the last 8 years, growing leaders, their teams and their businesses, to deliver team performance, productivity, and profitability. 

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    The Tech Leaders 2.0 Accelerator Programme™

    Simon Sinek once said "100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don't understand people, you don't understand business." 

    I totally agree, and this is the basis upon which we work

    We believe that leadership is not just a qualification, but a product of the mindset and behaviours we display on a daily basis to either help or hinder our team to achieve what we want them to.

    If you want to be successful in your role and in business, you cannot do it alone. There is only 24 hours in the day, and you are hopefully sleeping and eating and seeing your family for a decent amount of those. 

    Your role as a leader is to leverage the resources you have with the time you have to achieve more than you could by you doing all the work. 

    But it can be hard when you have started your working life as the technical expert.  When you are amazing at what you do, stepping back as a leader can be harder than you think.

    You have to trust those people in your team to do it well, to do it right, to do it the way you need it done. 

    But that doesn't always happen.

    -People might have skill but they may lack belief in themselves.  

    -They may lack direction and focus and not know what to prioritise.

    -They may not feel comfortable in the team.

    We could say "Well they are here to do a job", but that won't cut it because it is those things that will prevent them from doing their job.

    And your job, as the leader is to remove the barriers, give the clarity and grow the confidence and skill of your team, the people around you and your stakeholders. 

    But if you are more comfortable with the computer than with the humans in the room, that makes things tricky. 

    It can lead to a lack of confidence in leading your team. It can mean that there is a lack of trust and growing conflict and uncertainty. 

    It may mean that your peers, your colleagues and your board don't listen to you, because you lack the communication skills needed to inspire and to get your point across in a way that creates practical action.

    And that is where I come in. My passion for helping Technical Execs to grow their impact through communication, collaboration and conscious behaviour has led me to helping many experts to develop the leadership, impact and influence they need to get the roles they want, create the trust and performance in their team (even if they are not a people person), and to influence across a wide range of spheres.

    Our Tech Leaders 2.0 Accelerator Programme™ works in three areas - Think Be and Do. We help you to show up as a more influential and confident leader that does not have to be the loudest person in the room.

    We utilise the Team Performance Engine™ methodology to breakdown the elements leaders need to work on to create the performance that they want. 


  • Developing the mindset of a leader

  • Understanding different personalities, behavioural profiles and what makes people tick

  • Understanding the concept of leverage and how this enables your team

  • Creating the vision you need to inspire your team to follow you and deliver the right performance at the right time

  • Articulating your vision and spreading the commitment that you feel across the whole team

  • Be

  • Recognising your own behaviours and understanding the impact that you currently have

  • Exploring perspectives and uncovering the truth of your own influence and impact

  • Designing the impact through learning the right behaviours to display, creating trust and igniting the capabilities of your team

  • Do

  • Developing your skills as a coach

  • Delegate like a pro so that you have more time to focus on the strategy rather than staying in the weeds

  • Stepping back and trusting your team

  • Create a collaborative culture where your team are engaged with you, the cause and each other

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    Helping CTO|CIO|CDO and Tech Execs to build practical communication and impact skills so that they create better teams, have more influence with their peers, their board and their staff.  Effective leadership makes effective teams, which makes bigger and better business.

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